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I love teaching. That's all there is to it. I love watching a person grasp something new, but there is nothing like watching a 3 or 4 year old child get the ah-ha in their eyes and the glow of pride in their face when they know they just did something really hard. I love it!  As a teacher, I strive to show the child that learning is exciting, learning is a gift that brings joy, and learning is FUN. I believe when the excitement, joy and fun stops, so does learning.

I also believe it is important that children know they are smart, no matter what level they are on. I believe they also need to read early. I know there is a lot of controversy on this subject, but if a child is reading (in whatever degree that particular child is capable), they will soar that first year and for every year afterwards.

All four of my birth children read before going to Kindergarten. It's interesting to me how the reading levels varied with each child. One child was reading cursive writing when he was three or four. Another child was just blending short sounding words before entering the public school. Each child is different. It's just important that we give each child what they are capable of receiving.

My sweet little student, Sara, asked an important question one day in a bit of an irritated tone, "Why do we start SCHOOL with a prayer?!" I explained to her that it's because all learning (of truth) is of God. He wants us to learn good things, and I want to make sure His Spirit is there to help us. The next time Sara prayed, she said the sweetest prayer, asking Heavenly Father to help us learn. Sara is a great pre-kindergarten reader!

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