Monday, June 17, 2013

Caleb Ceran Missionary Fundraiser

Caleb is selling this picture he drew to raise money for his LDS mission to Mexico City! Yay!
It is the most loving drawing of President Monson I have ever seen! :)
He has 11x14s or 8x10s for $5.00. He is willing to mail them to you for $3.00 postage for up to five pictures. For each additional five pictures, it will be another $1.00. He would also be happy to arrange for pick-up.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Summer Routine Torture :)

 A summer routine idea is not an easy one for any of my children. They look forward to summer break almost as much as I do. But for my three adopted children, the idea of it is nearly unbearable. You see, Tina and Sir Al were sent to be hosted in Italy every summer because they lived in an orphanage/boarding school that closed down two times a year, one for summer and one for Christmas break. Jauco was sent to a place of "relaxation" called a sanatorium, a place I abhor. Nonetheless, the children were on "break," and "break" meant a break from everything for three full months. I don't share the same sentiment.

I was looking for something that would help decrease the contention level in our home., and with a bunch of teenagers and young adults now, I felt this is what would work well for our family. I require everyone who is home to participate.

(On Monday and Wednesday we start 30 minutes earlier to accommodate cross country.)

8:00 Family Devotional and Breakfast. This includes a song, prayer, and scripture study.

8:30 Learning Rotations. We have three rotations of 20 minutes each, and there are two to three in each group. They are as follows:
1) Piano practicing (whether they are taking lessons or not, and even though Tina told me it's taking up her childhood.)
2) Indexing (finding names from old records so those searching for their ancestors have access to them)
3) Personal Scripture Study

9:30 Chores and Bedroom

Then they are free!!!

Now really, that's not all that bad, is it? : )  : )   (Don't ask my poor poor children.)