Monday, June 17, 2013

Caleb Ceran Missionary Fundraiser

Caleb is selling this picture he drew to raise money for his LDS mission to Mexico City! Yay!
It is the most loving drawing of President Monson I have ever seen! :)
He has 11x14s or 8x10s for $5.00. He is willing to mail them to you for $3.00 postage for up to five pictures. For each additional five pictures, it will be another $1.00. He would also be happy to arrange for pick-up.


  1. Checking to see if Caleb has left for his mission or still needing funds? I'd like to help.

    1. Caleb is serving a mission now. He's in Chicago while waiting for his visa to come through so he can head to Mexico City. :) The picture, however, is still for sale and all money from picture sales go right into Caleb's mission fund account.